Coaches Corner

Interested in becoming a Coach

We always welcome volunteers stepping up to help coach our teams. A background check is required by Youth Sports of Hollywood and The City of Hollywood for all coaches and assistant coaches. All Background Checks are completed thru the City of Hollywood On-line System.

Please email us and include your name & phone number and we will contact you with more information.


USSSA baseball Rules

USSSA Softball Rules

Supplemental in House Baseball Rules

All Divisions

1. You MUST bat the entire team a continuous lineup. 
    a. For playoffs only you are allowed to substitute players equal to the number of players you have more than your opponent. For example your team has 12 players and the opposing team only has 10 players, then you are allowed to substitute 2 players and they re-enter the game in the same batting position as the player they are subbing for. All players including subs are allowed to move freely in defensive positions, pitching excluded. Therefore, the subs are not obligated to sit out if their matched player is in the field. Any player can sit out.


These changes replace USSSA rules 7.05, 7.05.B.1 to 7.05.B.7 all other rules remain in effect.

2. No player shall pitch more than:

10U Baseball: 65 pitches per day; 130 pitches in any seven (7) consecutive day period. 

12U Baseball: 75 pitches per day; 150 pitches in any seven (7) consecutive day period. 

14U Baseball: 75 pitches per day; 150 pitches in any seven (7) consecutive day period.

Seven (7) consecutive day period is a rolling week for example, Sun-Sat, Mon-Sun, Tues-Mon ect.

Required days rest for pitchers

Division Daily Max 0 Days Rest 1 Days Rest 2 Days Rest 3 Days Rest 4 Days Rest
10U 65 1-20 21-35 36-50 51-65 N/A
12U 75 1-20 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+
14U 75 1-20 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+

A player who pitches or catches more than 2 innings is not allowed to assume the opposite position in the same game.

Coaches must bring a pitch counter and official game sheet to games. Home team is responsible to fill in game sheet. Winning team turns it in to the game umpire.  (Link is above)

To avoid discrepancies on the number of pitches, score keepers are to monitor pitch counts and check pitch totals every two innings. If a discrepancy should occur, then the higher number of pitches should be used, if this becomes an issue the umpire will come to a conclusion on the correct number of pitches.

3. 8U division batter may foul off sixth pitch and receive additional pitches until batter misses and strikes out or fails to swing or gets a hit.

4. A call up player may play anywhere in the field except pitcher and shall play the entire game without sitting.

5. A team with 9 players may not call up a player with the exception of 8U; they cannot call up a player if they have 10 players.

6. Tie games will go one extra inning on school nights with a Kansas City rule in effect and on Friday nights or weekends they will continue play until a winner is declared without the Kansas City tie breaker rule.

7. Clapping, talking, singing or any other efforts deemed to be a distraction to the pitcher will not be allowed once the pitcher comes set on the pitching rubber. This rule applies to all players, coaches, and fans whether on the base paths, in the dugouts, or in the stands. The head coach will be responsible for the behavior of his team and fans. Violation of this rule will result first in a team warning, with subsequent offenses resulting in a strike being assessed to the batter.

8U to 16U Divisions

8. No more than 4 badged adults are allowed on the field or in the dugout at any time. Teams may have additional adult assistants such as scorekeepers outside of the dugout in the stands.

10U Division only

9. Players are not allowed to lead off from third base. They may leave 3rd base only after the baseball has crossed home plate or if the pitcher throws to a base other than home. If, at the discretion of the umpires, the player is deemed to have left third base early, he will be considered out. Players are allowed to lead off first and second base.

6U Sr. TBall

1. Tee needs to be set in the center of home plate.

2. 7 run limit will be in place for innings 1-5. The 6th inning is unlimited.

3. 1st time thru the line up batters get 3 swings off the tee, if the ball is not put in the field of play, the batter is out. Every additional at bat, each batter gets 3 pitches, if the 3rd pitch is hit foul they will get 1 more pitch. If they do not hit coach pitch they will go back to the tee.

4. Coaches when pitching have to be on the rubber.

5. Only 2 coaches allowed on the field when their team is playing defense, one on each side of the field. They are to stay behind the infield players.

6. Pitchers are to be on the rubber when batter is hitting from the tee (exception is when a “big hitter” is up pitcher can play directly behind the rubber.)

7. Pitchers must have 1 foot in the circle when batter is hitting coach pitch.

8. Runners have a 2 base max, if they pass the second base it is still a live ball and can be tagged out.

9. Batters are NOT to be angled in a way to hit the ball a certain direction.

10. If the runner is hit by the batted ball before the fielder has the opportunity to field the ball, they are out.

11. Coaches cannot touch players/ runners when the ball is in play, any player touched will be called out.

12. Outfielders must be in the grass prior to the ball being hit.

Coaches code of conduct

  • The coach shall be aware that he or she has a tremendous influence, for either good or ill, on the education of the player and, thus, shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.
  • The coach shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct in all personal contact with players, umpires and parents.
  • The coach shall strive to instill the value of good sportsmanship in all of his or her players.
  • The coach shall understand and demonstrate positive coaching methods – how to balance discipline and fun, how to be generous with praise and how to correct athletes without being demeaning.
  • The coach shall know USSSA rules (e.g. safety related) and will take the lead role in enforcing them.
  • The coach shall manage his or her team in harmony with the philosophy and rules of the Youth Sports of Hollywood.
  • The coach shall master the fundamental rules of the game and shall teach them to his or her team members.  The rules of baseball are clear and coaches need to pay reverence to them by never doing anything that would dishonor the game.  The coach shall never seek an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules.
  • The coach shall avoid the use of alcohol and/or tobacco while interacting with players.
  • The coach shall exert his or her influence to enhance sportsmanship by spectators.
  • The coach shall respect and support the umpires.  The coach shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the umpires.  Public criticism of officials or players is unethical.
  • The coach should meet and exchange cordial greetings with the opposing coach to set the correct tone for the event before and after the game.

Players Bill of rights

YSOH endorses the philosophy of “Athletes First, Winning Second”. This philosophy is the foundation of the Player’s Bill of Rights and means that every decision a coach makes and every behavior a coach displays should be based first on what the coach judges best for the athlete, and second on what may improve the athlete’s or team’s chances of winning.

As a player, I have the following rights:

  • Right to have fun in sports
  • Right to an equal opportunity for success
  • Right to be treated with dignity
  • Right to share in the leadership and decision-making of my sports participation
  • Right to participate in physically and emotionally safe and healthy environments